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they cut us open

and took out the part that makes us normal

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. About Alli .

Allianora, aka Helen Black, was a character on the SciFi show The Invisible Man. She was despised by most fans due to her ability, but there were still those who were intrigued by this woman - neither good nor evil, with a dark past.

I was never that active in the fandom except for the fanart side of it, and was constantly disillusioned by the character bashing. Even the writer who wrote her hated the character, and was happy when he found out she was to die. The final straw was the fanfic contest designed to write a fic in which fanfic authors would kill off the character in the most imaginative way. "101 Ways to Fillet a Mermaid" was the winner, and it's mild compared to some other entries.

. All the reasons why .

I created this journal to see if the fandom is active any more, and if the feeling of hatred is still prevalent. I'd like to find out what it was exactly that provoked such an intense reaction to this character, but I'm not sure people are interested in talking about it.

. My other self .

My main fandom is The Magnificent Seven, and I participate in that fandom as valiha. I run 7men1destiny,a rewatch/discussion/challenge comm so I'm not a stranger to LJ. I try to interact with everyone with respect, though I might not always agree with them. I'm a firm believer in the adage “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” If I do let my temper get the better of me, I'm not afraid to admit to my mistake and apologize. I welcome all people who share these beliefs.

In addition to these two fandoms, I watch (but I'm not very active in) X-Files and Star Trek in all it's incarnations, though I have a soft spot for Voyager's pilot and chief engineer. In X-Files, it's Krycek and Marita that intrigue me. It seems my attraction lies with flawed, often dark characters. If RL allows, I will try to make this into a repository of my non-Mag7 wallpapers.

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